To the residents of the 4th Ward, you are very fortunate to have two outstanding candidates for City Council to choose from. Either of the two candidates will do a great job representing the 4th Ward.

Alan Bowen is a young man who has taken a genuine interest in how the city government works and has educated himself on the issues facing the city. Alan has attended nearly every city council meeting for the past two years. I dare to say he is the probably overall the most knowledgeable private citizen regarding the major issues the city has faced in the recent past. Many of you know that Alan was the leader of the “Save Hannibal's Marina” grassroots group that was instrumental in convincing the city to include a marina as part of the riverfront improvement project. From my interactions with his marina group, I have seen firsthand Alan's organization and leadership skills.

Bill Hatton is also a quality candidate and well worthy of the voters' consideration. Bill has lived in the 4th Ward for over 40 years and will work very hard for the people he represents. The knowledge Bill has attained of the city's infrastructure and the city government from 30-plus years as an employee of the HBPW will be a great asset. Being retired now, he is devoted to being a full-time councilperson. I have known Bill for many years. He will listen to the residents and do his best to address their concerns. He truly cares and will make sure their voice is heard at city hall.

Jim Van Hoose

Outgoing 4th Ward Councilman