OPINION: Vote Patrick Benson for School Board

Posted: Mar. 25, 2019 3:30 pm

In the last year, Pat Benson of Benson Financial has become more than our financial consultant but also someone whose advice and overall wisdom we have come to appreciate.

Before my father passed away last November, he spent many mornings at my kitchen table with coffee in hand.

He often spoke of his financial advisor. Dad wasn't a social man, but I could certainly tell Pat was someone he had come to trust and value as a friend.

Later, when we needed some advice of our own, we followed his lead and set an appointment with Pat. It took one appointment for me to understand why my Dad valued him so much.

Pat Benson was straight forward with us about what we needed to hear, but everything he said was laced with compassion.

When my Dad passed away and my mom shortly after, Pat Benson was there for my family way beyond a professional manner.

The care he offered us when we felt broken with grief and the advice he gave was a perfect combination of professionalism and empathy.

He wasn't in a hurry. He wasn't just saying what we wanted to hear. He was genuine and saw right into our needs without our asking him to.

Pat Benson is exactly the kind of person who needs to sit on the school board.

He sees a big picture and addresses what is needed to improve it. In the meantime, he is able to zoom in on the hearts of people and feel what they feel.

It's just so similar to the big picture of education versus the needs of individual students and family. His common sense and care would truly be an excellent fit.

I urge everyone to vote for Patrick Benson for the Hannibal School Board. He would be a great benefit to our kids and community.




Meg Duncan


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