OPINION: Proposition C.A.R.E. would benefit students, faculty with building improvements

Posted: Mar. 25, 2019 5:31 pm

Dear Editor,


I am writing this letter to appeal to the patrons of Hannibal Public Schools. On April 2, Proposition C.A.R.E. will be on the ballot for improvements to the infrastructures of some of our aging buildings. An institution is judged and evaluated on two major issues. The first and most important of these is its product. Our "product" just happens to be a quality education for each of our students. Hannibal Public Schools have proven our worth by graduating students that rank above the national average on the ACT and other tests year after year. This is not an accident. It is due to the tireless efforts of our teachers, staff and administration working together. The second major evaluation issue is its infrastructure. Ours is seriously wanting when it comes to our high and middle school buildings. Improvements need to be made in the electrical systems so the needs of the ever-growing tech systems can operate properly. The plumbing systems are antiquated, especially in the high school, and need to be replaced/updated. Energy efficiency is always an issue in old buildings and will be addressed by replacing the windows with double pane windows. Probably the biggest issue for our students would be replacing the current boiler system with new HVAC systems, most importantly air conditioning.

Imagine yourself sitting in a history classroom on third floor at around 11 a.m. The temperature in that classroom at that hour is 90 degrees. By the last block of the day the temperature will be a balmy 98 degrees. Sweat is dripping down your back, you are starting to sweat through your clothes and your hair is damp. You are trying to take notes but every time you try to move your arm it sticks to the notepaper. The heat makes it hard to concentrate let alone learn. This is what our students and staff deal with every year when school starts in August and many times if we have a hotter than usual May. If you start on the first floor in the high school on a hot day and start walking up the stairs you will notice a four-six degree increase in temperature per floor. Hannibal is the only school in northeast Missouri without air conditioning and one of only a handful statewide.

The passing of Proposition C.A.R.E. will not increase taxes. Our district's administration and school board both past and present have done a great job protecting your investment in education at Hannibal. I am a 38-year veteran teacher and 30 of those years I am proud to say have been spent teaching at Hannibal. Patrons of Hannibal, you have always supported us in the past, please do so on April 2 by voting YES on Proposition C.A.R.E. (You can log onto our districts website for a complete outline of improvements). Thank you for listening.


Stacey Graves



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