Cora Glenn participated in NECAC's weatherization program in October

Hannibal homeowner Cora Glenn led North East Community Action Corporation (NECAC) officials on a tour of her circa-1930s N. 6th St. home, describing how October weatherization efforts transformed her house over the winter.

“This is a really cozy home now,” she said. “It's just nice to be all buttoned up tight.”

Glenn said she felt much safer after weatherization crew members installed an entire electrical system, storm windows and a new furnace. They also applied insulation to basement pipes and walls, as well as sealed up window and door frames.

Glenn said she loves the sliding window they installed in her kitchen for fresh air and an outside view just over three years ago. The window used to be obscured by frost when it was sealed off during the winter while she stayed warm with a solitary space heater.

Everything changed after Glenn visited to the annual Project Community Connect outreach event focused on providing resources and services to area residents. Glenn signed up for NECAC's weatherization program, which involves crew members assessing ways to make the home more efficient and weathertight. Work throughout the house culminated Oct. 31, as crews worked with Glenn from basement to roof to assure that everything was as efficient as possible.

“It was a blitz,” she said.

After the work was done, Glenn noticed there were no more basement drafts, the risk of busted pipes was gone and she could enjoy all of the rooms of her home in comfort. She thanked everyone from NECAC for the difference that all the efforts made amid often harsh winter conditions.

“This is the first good winter I've had in 15 years,” she said.

And Glenn hasn't stopped improving her home with its vantage of Lover's Leap and the glimmer of the Mississippi River. She installed additional sealing for windows and doors and applied exterior home wrap to the basement ceiling to provide additional insulation. As her guests gathered in her favorite art-filled room amid the sunshine, Glenn reflected on how much she appreciates her home and its unique architectural layout.

“Just the way everything is situated, you really do feel like you're in a captain’s nest, going down the river,” she said.

Glenn said programs like NECAC's weatherization program save lives for local residents, and she urged anyone who might have similar needs to contact them for more information.

“It's truly a community effort,” she said.

For more information about the weatherization program, please call 573-324-2251 or contact the NECAC Marion County Service Center at 573-221-7166.

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