The Henry A. Jubel Foundation helped purchase the robot

Hannibal Career and Technical Center (HCTC) students enrolled in the school's Machine Tool program put a recently-purchased industrial robot through its paces Monday afternoon before representatives of the Henry A. Jubel Foundation.

Don Jubel, the son of the man for whom the foundation is named, was impressed with the students' robot-programming skills.

"They haven't had the robot that long, but the students have learned quite a bit about programming it,” he said. “The demonstration was very good.”

HCTC machine tool instructor Aaron Gander said the foundation provided 25 percent of the Fanuc robot's $50,000 cost. The remainder of the purchase price was covered by an enhancement grant.

"By them coming in and helping, they allowed us to get that piece of technology for our students and also for our community,” he said. “Now we are able to give our students skills that they had not been able to get previously.”

Jubel said the foundation is focused on education in the manufacturing area. He did not rule out partnering with the HCTC again in the future.

"We hope to continue funding the Hannibal tech center," he said. "Maybe there will be other things we can help fund which will be good for the school and students, because we want the students to have good jobs when they are ready to join the workforce."

Among the students demonstrating what he has learned through working with the robot was junior Brad Tutor. He believes the robot-programming experience will help him in the future.

"I see it benefiting me in a way that will actually land me a career sometime soon after high school," he said.

Tutor likes programming the device. "It is very fun, yes," he said. "It is a very enjoyable experience."

Tutor estimated it took him two or three weeks to get up to speed on using the robot, which Gander said is a normal amount of time.

"We can get the basics probably in three weeks so they can be doing some things," he said. "We have scratched the surface right now in the three weeks we've been working with that. We look to improve as we go forward."