Town hall meetings about sales tax proposal for storm water improvements set for March 19, March 26

Palmyra City Council members and city officials prepared for upcoming bicentennial festivities and March town hall meetings to delve into an April ballot issue aimed at storm water improvements.

City Clerk Deena Parsons said that the Mark Bross from Klingner and Associates would attend the Tuesday, March 9 meeting, and Cullan Duke would attend the Tuesday March 26 meeting. Each meeting is planned for 7 p.m. at the Sesquicentennial Building. The representatives from Klingner and Associates drafted a city-wide Master Plan for addressing storm water issues in 2017, and they will have materials with them to answer questions. City officials will also be on hand to answer questions about the sales tax proposal, which would add increase the current capitol improvement sales tax from 1/4-cent to 1/2-cent, allowing for more funds to be used for stormwater management. Mayor Loren Graham said that Bicentennial Committee meetings have been generating strong attendance and interest so far, and an upcoming Monday, March 11 meeting would focus on a planned Bicentennial Ball at the American Legion with a big band on July 13.

In other business:

Members of the Ordinance Committee reviewed residential and business codes with the help of Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer Rick Jones during their meeting. They plan to make sure each of the 13 codes are up to date, working on them a bit at a time during each meeting.

Graham announced that the City of Palmyra and Board of Public Works was refinancing their debt of about $3.3 million following several infrastructure improvements to the electrical grid and other systems. Graham recommended that the debt be transferred from Homebank to a Missouri Public Utility Alliance-recommended plan through Landmark Bank, which he said would save the City $95,000 over the course of five years.