Marion County Prosecuting Attorney Luke Bryant shares government functions, interactive experience with teens

Marion County Prosecuting Attorney Luke Bryant visits members of Teens in Motion, a program of Douglass Community Services, a United Way service, members this week. It was informational and fun for the teens. After giving a brief overview of government and explaining the role of each of the three branches, he engaged the kids in a mock trial. Douglass Community Services Executive Director Stephanie Cooper and CASA Volunteer Coordinator Becky Morrell joined the “trial” as jury members, while the teens filled the roles of judge, defendant, teacher, detective and defense attorney. The trial's “defense attorney,” Jordan Allen, had recently finished up a government course, and put up an impressive argument for her “client.” “It was a fun and unique experience that got me out of my comfort zone,” she said. The experience was an interesting and fun way for the teens to learn how the Marion County Prosecuting System works. They took away a new understanding and appreciation of the local executive branch.