Board of education hears public comments during special meeting

Hannibal High School's graduation will be May 16. That date was confirmed by the Hannibal Board of Education during a special meeting Thursday night at the high school cafeteria.

Six board members voted to keep graduation on May 16, while Board President Mark Bross voted only "present."

The board voted after reviewing survey data and hearing comments from five of the 55 adults and students about the hardships that would occur if graduation were moved back a week to May 23, as was discussed by the board at its Feb. 21 meeting.

During that meeting the board voted 5-2 to not keep graduation on May 16. However, there was never a vote taken that officially moved graduation to May 23.

News of the assumed graduation day change generated phone calls of protest. A number of objections reportedly also appeared on social media.

Superintendent Susan Johnson said 193 seniors are anticipated to graduate this spring.

Keeping graduation on May 16 will impact the school attendance of seniors.

"Our senior class will come to school on Monday (May 13), Tuesday (May 14) and Wednesday (May 15) the last week of school then they will have Friday (May 17) off and then all the next week when the other students will still be in session," Johnson said.