Hamner wants to create role models for community

Quentin Hamner was introduced Friday as Hannibal High School's new head football coach during a press conference at the district's board office.

While the conference room was decorated with jerseys, helmets and a football, Hamner spent far more time talking about the citizenship and academic performance of his players that he did Xs and Os.

"We have to make sure we are educating and creating more leaders for our community and society," he said. "We want to win, that's important, that's the expectation, but we also want to create role models throughout our community."

Hamner cited the district's administration, the assistant coaches on the football staff and the team's returning football talent as key ingredients in his decision to leave Keokuk, Iowa, after one season and move to Hannibal.

"How fortunate it is for someone to come into a community and to have the pieces that are in place right now, and realize it's a well-oiled machine," he said.

After moving around in his coaching career, Hamner said he could see Hannibal being a career position. "I don't see anything better than this job right here," he said.

Hamner is no stranger to Hannibal's rich football tradition, which he said is like none other. He cited past Pirate coaches Gregg Nesbitt, Paul Thomas and the team's most recent head coach, Mark St. Clair.

"I can't say enough about Mark. He was the head coach I grew up watching," he said. "We have some of the same qualities as a person and as a coach."

Hamner said work will be a cornerstone of his program, and he can’t wait to get it started. "We're going to try to outwork people," he said.

Hamner said his message to his new players will be to "continue to do the things that brought you to this point."

Hamner said the Pirates will use a run-based offense first. "We will spread the field and try to get our best athletes in space and get them the ball," he said.

Defensively, Hamner described himself as an aggressive "multiple 3-4 guy."