Be The Change for Your Community hosting March workshop aimed at building relationships between non-profit organizations and local media sources

Amy Vaughn is eager to help others “be the change” in their community as she prepares to share knowledge with local nonprofit organizations through her new company's first workshop in March.

Vaughn served for more than 13 years as program director of Kids in Motion and Teens in Motion under the umbrella of Douglass Community Services. The company she founded, Be the Change for Your Community, is focused on providing youth program development consulting for setting up similar programs and assisting established organizations.

Vaughn will lead the “Public Relations — The Secret Ingredient in Any Successful Fundraising Plan” workshop from 9-11:30 a.m. March 14 at the Quincy Maine Center, 535 Maine St. Lower Level, Suite 13 in Quincy.

Vaughn said the past six months have involved “getting the foundation laid for the business” — including steps like developing a business plan and establishing a website designed and built for free by Vaughn's niece, Kate Ross. As the workshop draws near, Vaughn said she is looking forward to the opportunity to help nonprofit groups increase local awareness and success through their relationships with the local media.

Workshop topics will include how increased media coverage can benefit nonprofit organizations and fundraising efforts, how local media sources impact audience members' perceptions, writing a press release that will get results and exuding confidence and professionalism during interviews.

“Effectively utilizing the local media is an often overlooked and undervalued tool for many organizations,” she said. “Nonprofits are doing so many incredible things in our communities, and it’s time to educate and inform the public about our services and the value that we contribute. It’s really OK to shine.”

Vaughn serves as the Be The Change for Your Community primary consultant, sharing expertise gathered during 20 years of public relations, nonprofit development, management and fundraising experience. She has reached out to five communities about establishing programs to help at-risk youth, and the results have been promising so far.

“I'm optimistic, I really am,” she said. “There's not been a single community who said 'we don't need this.'

Vaughn said that the decision the begin a community program typically involves more than one person, along with hard work from numerous community members. But she said she is confident that the need for resources to help youth will overcome potential hesitation to make a new program a reality. Vaughn said she is eager to assist nonprofit groups that are already making a difference in their communities.

Vaughn welcomes submissions for future workshop topics. She said sessions could occur on a regular basis.

The cost for the first workshop is $50 per person, and pre-registration is required by, visiting Be The Change for Your Community's or by calling 573-719-5019.

As Vaughn continues on her mission, she expressed her excitement surrounding what the future could bring.

“It's been an adventure, and I think it's only just begun,” she said.