Covered dock relocated near old amphitheater

Work on Hannibal's riverfront renovation project has been shut down for almost three weeks.

Following a productive December and first two weeks of January, Bleigh Construction personnel were forced off the riverfront by the winter storm that left 13.7 inches of snow on the ground.

"We were chugging away," said Andy Dorian, director of the Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department during the mid-January meeting of the Hannibal Park Board. "Everything was going pretty good, but the snow stalled us out."

Temperatures that dipped to record-breaking levels kept the snow around and limited progress.

When the snow arrived on Jan. 11 and 12 it delayed dredging scheduled to start the week of Jan. 14.

One of the last phases of the project to be completed before the snowstorm was work on the docks that had been removed from the marina. "That's a good thing," Dorian said. "That's one big project done."

Crew members also moved the covered dock from the old marina to a cove south of Bear Creek, near the old amphitheater.

According to the construction agreement between the city and contractor, Bleigh Construction has 360 days to complete the project. Dorian has repeatedly said that deadline is weather dependent.

"We had some good weather," Dorian said. "Hopefully the weather comes back nice and they can get back going again."

Work on the $6.6 million riverfront project will include the repair of infrastructure problems, relocation of the marina and provide docking locations for two large riverboats, as well as the Mark Twain Riverboat and Canton Marine Towing. The renovation will also feature the creation of a riprap rock wall along the river, plus the addition of sidewalks, fencing, lighting, restroom handicap accessibility, new stormwater utilities and a large green space for events.

Completion of the riverfront renovation is tentatively scheduled by the fall of 2019.