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Hannibal Arts Council Coffee Talk take on tea

The second installment of the Hannibal Arts Council's Coffee Talk series will be led by Hannibal resident Connie Brock and entitled Talk and Taste: A Tea Lover's Journey.
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Posted: Jan. 4, 2019 2:22 pm

The Hannibal Arts Council (HAC) will host its second installment of a new lecture series titled Coffee Talk at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 13 at HAC, 105 S. Main St.

The program is free and open to the public. Program partners include Wade Stables P.C., Second Breakfast Coffee Roasters and the Missouri Arts Council.

The January 13 speaker is Hannibal resident Connie Brock, who will present a lecture titled Talk and Taste: A Tea Lover’s Journey. The tea we drink has come a long way from the leaf to the teabag. In our exploration of this brew, the audience will be invited to taste and see for themselves. With different processing techniques, learn why tea leaves range in color from black to yellow to white — and why brewing temperature makes the difference between aromatic ambrosia — or something best spit out. Learn about the newly popular rooibos teas, the antioxidant-rich matchas, the herbal tisanes and the hearty caffeinated brews.

Brock will also take the audience around the world — a fascinating world filled with stories — about tea. Brock steeps us in tea leaves, grown from East Asia to the Middle East and Africa. As the audience sips their way into history, learn what exactly was thrown into the sea at the Boston Tea Party and about the ubiquitous tea bush as it surrenders its leaves, twigs, or even powdered combos into teabags, blocks, pearls, puerhs or loose tea. After the Coffee Talk and sampling various teas, participants get to take their own taster’s choice teabag home to sip on a cold winter day.

The Coffee Talk Lecture Series is designed to be relaxed, informal and informative. Through the Coffee Talk Lecture Series, the Hannibal Arts Council will present community members speaking on various topics, including travel, history, health, food, well-being and yes, art. The series is designed on the premise that everyone has a story and a wide variety of interests and are sometimes willing to share that with an audience.