ABILITIES hosts fun-filled showcase of talent

Posted: Nov. 23, 2018 4:03 pm

Individuals at ABILITIES planned and performed a diverse array of acts during the first ABILITIES Got Talent event, and they are eager to take the stage for a planned follow up in 2019.

ABILITIES' individuals planned the first showcase of their talents and rehearsed twice before the Wednesday, Nov. 21 event, which attracted a full crowd amid a light-hearted atmosphere. ABILITIES Executive Director Kyra Davis said everyone enjoyed musical performances, a karate demonstration and other showcases of talent during the afternoon — ticket proceeds will go toward a future group outing, and the performers are already gearing up for their next time in the spotlight.

ABILITIES individuals reflected the organization's mantras of "Dis-able the label" and "Each piece is unique, but together we fit." Davis said performers threw Teddy Bears to audience members — including fellow ABILITIES individuals, staff members, parents and guardians and other community members. Roses were distributed during a musical finale performed by a singer dressed up just like the "King of Rock 'n' Roll."

"They had a lot of fun," Davis said. "They really enjoyed it, they just wanted to demonstrate to everyone else their talents and their abilities. They were really excited for this, and they're already gearing up and getting ready for another one."

Each performer displayed their talents through favorite music and activities — including a karate performance and songs like "The Final Countdown," "Delta Dawn," "My Girl" and "Jailhouse Rock." Davis said performers had fun in front of the audience, saying Deetra Ingram, representing the Hannibal Clinic, told her it was rewarding to see the performers enjoying the experience and sharing in the excitement under the spotlight.

"There was another lady who came up, and she was all excited, saying ‘They really put on a show,'" Davis said. "It really was a great show."

ABILITIES' individuals will vote on a group outing funded by the ticket proceeds, and each performer is eager for the next opportunity to share their talents.

"We know that they have so many different talents and abilities," Davis said. "That's why we came up with name ABILITIES — we wanted to share those talents with everyone else. We're definitely looking forward to the next one."




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