The following October Students of the Month have been honored at Hannibal Middle School.

The following October Students of the Month have been honored at Hannibal Middle School.

• Grade 6 – Connor Duncan is the son of Shawn and Meg Duncan. Shawn is a member of Genesis Bible Church Youth Group. He is a clarinet player. His sport is baseball. Connor received a Presidential Award in fifth grade and a Pioneer Award in social studies. His hobby is computer coding.

• Grade 6 – Hayden LeeAnne Marie Purvis is the daughter of Tom and Carrie Purvis. She is a member of Pirate Pride Singers and the Walking Club. Hayden's hobbies are swimming, riding a bike and playing on a trampoline.

• Grade 7 – Louis Vincent “Lou” Perfetto is the son of Paul Perfetto and Laura Perfetto. He is a member of the band, playing trombone. He is an Honor Roll student, making straight As all four quarters of last school year and first quarter of this year. He is a Boy Scout with the rank of First Class. Lou's sports are baseball, football and basketball at the YMCA of Hannibal. His hobbies are Legos, Boy Scouts, coin collecting, taking care of his hedgehog, shooting and exercising.

• Grade 7 – Allie Joelle Sims is the daughter of Philip and Jami Sims. She is a member of the YMCA and is involved in the children's ministry at The Crossing Church of Hannibal. Allie is a member of the Hannibal Hurricanes Swim Team, where she has been honored as Swimmer of the Month. She is an A Honor Roll student. Her hobbies are swimming, drawing and traveling.

• Grade 8 – Kathrine Roberta “Katie” Locke is the daughter of Jeff and Kori Locke. She is a member of the Drama Club and was queen in the 2018 play. She is a member of Pirate Singers and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). She is Becky in the Tom and Becky program. Katie's sports are cross country, basketball, track and field. She won third place in a Scholastic Character competition. Her hobbies are singing, running, reading and watching college basketball.

• Grade 8 – Alayna Nicole “LaynaBug” Tierney is the daughter of Kathleen “Katie” Tierney. She is a member of Pirate Singers, the Walking Club and Advanced Cooking. Her honors include being Student of the Month and a Fitness Award for 2016 and 2017. Her hobbies are four-wheeling, baking, photo manipulation, music and make-up.