Bode served on commission for almost a quarter-century

Lyndon Bode's almost quarter-century tenure as Marion County's presiding commissioner will soon be ending, following Tuesday's loss to David Lomax.

"I really enjoyed by 24 years as commissioner," Bode said. "We have accomplished a lot. I look forward to helping in the community in the future."

Looking back on his campaign, there is nothing that Bode would do differently.

"I'm very happy with the campaign we had over the past year. It was a very positive campaign, talking about the issues," he said.

Bode, who followed the election results Tuesday night at the courthouse in Palmyra, noted a disturbing trend early in the process. That voting pattern would not change as more votes were counted.

"As you look at the vote in Marion County it was definitely a Republican year," he said. "I got caught in that 'red tide' I guess you could call it.

"I appreciate all the votes. It was close, but it just didn't happen."

When making his concession phone call to Lomax, Bode offered to do what he could to ensure a smooth transition in January.

As for what the future holds, Bode is unsure.

"I am not sure if I will run again. I'm just letting everything soak in," he said. "God has something else in mind for me."