Voter turnout meets area county clerks' expectations

Voters arrived at area polling stations in large numbers as local county clerks expected, and officials and voters reported a smooth process.

Elsewhere in the nation, reports are coming in of long lines and malfunctioning machines, but near the noon hour, Hannibal voters weren’t waiting to get to the ballots at the First Ward Second Precinct polling place located at the Hannibal Fire Station #3.

As he walked out of the building after casting his vote, Jerry Talton said the two-sided ballot was lengthy, but his voting experience was positive. “It was really fun,” he said.

Chris Davis, swim instructor at the Hannibal YMCA, said he got right in to cast his vote in between swim classes. He said it was important for voters to educate themselves on specific issues so they were prepared for amendments and propositions that sometimes contain confusing language.

“I'd done my homework before I came in, so I was very familiar with them, but the wording on the ballot was not as clear as it could have been on some of those amendments,” he said. “Unless you really know what those amendments are before going in there, that ballot's not going to help you at all. If you're going to vote, you should do your homework and be an informed voter.”

In Marion County, voters were turning out in large numbers. "The turnout is pretty heavy," said Valerie Dornberger, county clerk, shortly before noon.

Dornberger said that all of the county's polling places were seeing a larger-than-normal turnout.

No polling place problems were being reported.

"As far as I know everything is running good. I haven't heard of any problems," Dornberger said. "Everyone is showing up with their IDs. Where there are lines people are being patient. It's going really well."

Ralls County Clerk Sandy Lanier reported a similar situation in the neighboring county. “It's going pretty good, the turnout is pretty high,” she said. “We expected a high turnout, and it is following through.”

No problems were reported at Ralls County polling locations, and Lanier said she hopes that people get to the polls to make their voices heard.

“I just hope that everybody stays positive and exercises their right to vote,” she said. “It's important to the United States, and I just hope everybody exercises that.”