Approximately $3.8 million has been spent thus far by city on paving

Hannibal's multimillion dollar road improvement program resumes Thursday when Chester Bross Construction personnel begin milling and overlaying Marsh Avenue.

Edie Price of the city's Department of Public Works said Bross will be paving Marsh Avenue "until it is finished." Marsh Avenue is an east-west street that runs primarily through a residential neighborhood and extends from U.S. 61 to Central Avenue in the central part of the city.

The Bross crew began removing old pavement and putting down asphalt in April on Hannibal streets that had been judged to be the city's worst.

The paving crew was relocated in early summer to another worksite outside of Hannibal. Mike McHargue of the Street Department said the city gave Bross the freedom to leave town to work on other projects in order to get a better price for paving services.

"They are well inside the contract to come and go just as long as they get it completed by the end of the third year (of the three-year contract)," McHargue said.

When the Bross crew ceased work in Hannibal, McHargue said the contractor was well ahead of schedule. "We did not expect them to get this much done this year," McHargue said.

It is estimated that $3.8 million has been spent of the $6.3 million designated for the pavement improvement project.

Marsh Avenue is one of three major streets slated for paving before the project winds down in 2019. Also on the list are St. Mary's Avenue and Market Street.

"Those are the three major streets that will be done inside of this project," McHargue said. "The rest I don't want to commit to, other than those three, until I do street evaluations with the engineer."