Cost of project will be $16,500

The installation of pedestrian crossing traffic signal lights on Maple Avenue, next to Holy Family School in Hannibal, remains on hold until another part arrives.

Heath Hall, general manager of the Hannibal Board of Public Works (HBPW), said that the stoplight controller is on backorder and anticipates it will arrive in 30-45 days. He said installation should commence shortly after the controller arrives.

"We may have to coordinate with the school so we do not interfere with normal school activities and the associated traffic," Hall said.

Once the installation begins Hall said it should take approximately two weeks to complete.

"There will be some coordination between us and the street department for concrete repairs," he said.

The crossing signal project will cost $16,500. That money had been budgeted by the HBPW to replace an intersection of stop lights along Broadway.

"We re-prioritized and ordered a cabinet and stop light assembly for the school zone," Hall said. "Anytime we can install an item to make our school zones more safe, it becomes a priority."

Edie Price, Hannibal Department of Public Works management assistant, reported to the City Council at its July 3 meeting that Abel's Oil Company was making a donation of $2,500 to the pedestrian crossing traffic light project.

The possible installation of crossing lights on Maple Avenue, which Holy Family students cross to reach a school playground, was proposed during an April meeting between the Hannibal Traffic Committee and representatives of Holy Family School.