A Missouri Department of Transportation employee was wrapping the three remaining traffic signals at Third and Center streets on Friday morning.

To help alleviate motorist confusion, the Missouri Department of Transportation covered the traffic signals at the intersection of MO 79 (Third Street) and Center Street in Hannibal on Friday morning. The signals had been set to flash in recent weeks.

“We have heard the flashing can be confusing to drivers, so we are moving to the next step of evaluating the need for the signals by covering them up and relying on the stop signs on Center Street,” said MoDOT Area Engineer Brian Haeffner.

MoDOT reported earlier this summer that based on a review of traffic patterns at that location, the signals at the intersection were no longer needed.

The next step would be for MoDOT to remove the signals and leave stop signs on the Center Street.

Traffic signals have been in use at that intersection since the 1940s.