HCVB plans to build next to aquatic center

Before the Hannibal Convention and Visitors Bureau's (HCVB) new home is built next to the aquatic center, should its visitors center be based temporarily on Mark Twain Avenue?

That proposal was made Tuesday morning by HCVB Board member Mike O'Cheltree.

“I'm just trying to help," he said of what he called a “suggested alternative.”

O'Cheltree has his eye on a building located at 1000 Mark Twain Ave., which had previously been occupied by the Mane Tamers.

O'Cheltree believes the sale of the building that is currently occupied by the visitors center at 505 North Third St. would cover the reported purchase price of $124,000 for the Mark Twain Avenue property.

“The building you have down there now is going to bring at least that,” he said.

O'Cheltree believes the Mark Twain Avenue location would address some of the site shortcomings of the North Third Street location.

"It has got 1,600 square feet,” he said. “It has parking for a dozen cars. And another bathroom could be added to it. The building where you're at is not good for tourists, it's just a really bad spot."

Gail Bryant, director of the HCVB, said the proposal is worth exploring.

"I think we can entertain the idea and take it back to the finance committee and marketing committee and make a determination," she said.