A Monroe City man was charged with possession of child pornography late Monday afternoon. Police allege more than 200 images of child pornography were on his computer.

Jesse C. Lathrom, 32, faces two Class B felonies, according to charges filed in Monroe County District Court by Prosecuting Attorney Talley Kendrick.

A police report stated that on June 5, two Monroe City officers were at Lathrom’s Monroe City residence as part of an “ongoing investigation into a window peeping incident and an attempted burglary.”

Officers said they spotted “possible child pornography on Lathrom’s laptop screen” and then received written consent from Lathrom to search the residence. Police said they seized several items, which included the laptop, four hard drives and digital devices.

Monroe City Police said that they reached out for consultation from the Missouri State Technical Assistance Team Investigator, who in turn obtained search warrants for digital forensic examinations of the laptop, hard drives and digital devices.

“The laptop, hard drives and digital devices were submitted to the Digital Forensics Unit of the State Technical Assistance Team for analysis,” reported Monroe City Police in their report. “The STAT Digital Forensics Unit has completed the digital analysis of the data on all the devices and hard drives and found there to be a considerable number of images of child pornography on Lathrom‘s laptop. The forensic examiner tagged 200 individual images of child pornography as a result of this examination.”

On Monday, police said they the received the official report of the digital forensic examination and “observed numerous (more than 20) images” of prepubescent children.

“The affiant observed images of both female and male children younger than 10 years of age performing,” police said in the report.

Lathrom, who was arrested late Monday, faces from five to 15 years on each count, if convicted. Bond has been set at $100,000 cash-only by Judge Michael Wilson.