Ride Cool event highlights safety, good-natured competition among scooter riders, bicyclists, skateboarders

The 2018 Hannibal Ride Cool event brought together skateboarders, bicyclists and scooter riders together for a day of good-natured competition on Saturday, July 21 at the Hannibal Ramp Park.

From the moment the Hannibal Ramp Park opened, visitors have been honing their skills for competitions with scooters, bicycles and skateboards, said Paula Epker, ramp park manager. As children and adults zoomed around the bowl, performed grinds across rails, crested steep ramps and zipped back down, energetic music pumped from nearby speakers, courtesy of Casey Otto of P9 Entertainment. As each participant signed up for the contest, they had the opportunity to pick from a colorful array of helmets provided by the Hannibal Clinic. CoolByke and Pedal'rs Bicycle Shop also provided prizes during the afternoon.

riders took a lap around the park after their introduction for each section of the competiton. Next, every competitor in the class unleashed their best stunts, as a team of judges looked on.

Intermediate BMX: Joe Elzea — first place; Holden Otto — second place; Terrance Smashey— third place

Advanced BMX: Cory Lockheed and Shelby Meyer

Skateboard: Chase Phillips — first place; Jared Piercall— second place; Stacey Job and Alexander Holtz — tie for third

Beginner Scooter: Payton Haynes — first place; Zyler Edgar —second place; Slaidder Manuel — third place

Intermediate Scooter: Joe Elzea — first place; Terrance Smashey, second place; Jayken McCune — third place

Advanced Scooter: Merrick Crane — first place; Trenton Smashey — second place; Nick Collins — third place.

Epker said the event brought families out to witness all of the hard work each competitor put into their stunts. By the time the contest officially began at noon — following two hours of the participants practicing nonstop — the bleachers were filled with loved ones and friends.

“Since we opened, they've been preparing for this event,” she said.

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