The June meeting of the Friends of Florida was called to order by President Warren Hagan at 2 p.m. on June 10 at the Florida Winery.

The June meeting of the Friends of Florida was called to order by President Warren Hagan at 2 p.m. on June 10 at the Florida Winery. Members who were present were: Wayne Mitchell, vice president; and Bonnie Mitchell, Steve Couch, Diane Couch, Adelaide Minor, Karen Hunt, and Warren Hagan

Minutes of the Prior meeting of May 2018 were read and approved as submitted.

The Treasurer’s report:

The annual Sunday Dinner by the FOF collected the outstanding $40 due to be paid, for total of $843.50 income. The balance in checking account is $2,025.81. No money had been received from the Key West event. The report was submitted with approval.

Old Business:

FOF Facebook page. Elena Coleman and/or Bonnie Mitchell will get the administrative password assume its upkeep.

The school house plaster project continues. Steve Couch had talked with John Hawkins construction for repair of the cracks in the building’s sheet rock. Hawkins indicated the project is more that superficial plaster repair. He indicated that he was not interested in the project. Elena Coleman reportedly met with Teddy DeOrnellis. No report available.

The proposed “Lake View Buena Vista” project. Hagan met with the U.S. Corps representatives. They opposed concept of “tree clearing” to provide an expansive view of the lake from the east end of Main Street. However, they would allow “trimming and pruning” tree limbs higher to enhance the lake view. A site for an informational placard at the Handicapped parking and Picnic Area was agreed as suitable.

It is on the trail right of way. Discussion concerning signage for this placard as well as other locations in Florida would be the basis for a subsequent Federal Highway Agency recreational trails Grant in the fiscal year 2019.

Tree clearing of the tree line south of the Log Cabin and in the southwest corner of the state park at the Highway U/ Mill Street (old highway 107) intersection will be conducted by volunteer efforts by FOF and state park workers later this summer or fall.

The Annual cemetery walk is scheduled for the second Saturday in October, this year being Oct 13.

Elena Coleman will see if the FOF can be an exhibitor at the Quilt exhibit in that first weekend, assuming the exhibitor’s registration fee is waived for our non-profit organization. Later meetings of the FOF in summer of 2018 shall coordinate the cemetery walk. Adelaide Minor will place an announcement in the REA’s publication “Rural Missourian” concerning this event.

New Business:

Sharlene Hagan suggested an antique sale in the Florida School House be conducted during the Cemetery Walk on Oct 13. Members will be asked to submit items as donations for sale for this auction as a means of income to FOF. No official action was taken. report next meeting. The premium reduction for

Adelaide Minor has scheduled the ICE Cream Social to meet political candidates for Saturday July 28 at 6 p.m.

This meeting will be held at the Florida School house. Warren will check to see if Steve Whittaker will serve as the auctioneer. Members will donate baked goods to sale. Bonnie Mitchell will be generously creating her world famous hand churned ice cream

Warren presented two donations totaling $250 to the FOF’s Trail reflective bench. These donations are specifically designated for a bench with placard in memory of Cleta Hagan Neely.

He also said that he had received complaints of automobiles driving along the trail. Additionally, the US Corps has voiced concern about the missing barriers.

Apparently, the unauthorized cars enter on the new parking lot which currently lacks post barricades at the trailhead. He has spoken with the County Road supervisor, Allen DeOrnellis. Allen states that the Road department will “try to get to it when things slow down.”

The U.S. Corps had suggested that it close the trail if it were not properly maintained. Hagan has also relayed this to the County Road supervisor concerning the trail water erosion and fallen tree debris along the trail.

The next meeting of the FOF shall be held on Sunday July 8 at 2 p.m. at the Florida Winery.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 p.m.