Personnel qualified to drive a Hannibal Fire Department truck have been undergoing their annual driver training his week.

Personnel with the Hannibal Fire Department have been sharpening their driving skills this week on South Main Street.

“We’ve set up several different obstacles for the firefighters to drive the trucks through. It involves backing, driving forward, several different exercises,” said John Baker, a training officer with the HFD.

According to Baker, pretty much everyone gets a turn behind the wheel.

“We have all of our people on duty do it - assistant chiefs, captains, firefighters, engineers,” he said.

Each driver has seven minutes to complete the course. Also taken into account are the number of cones that are touched by the truck.

“We’ve had several firefighters not hit any of the cones, which indicates they are handling the truck very well,” said Baker, adding that the training involves “a little bit of friendly competition” among participants.

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