Todd Haynes, 36, allegedly assaulted a deputy in the parking lot of a Subway restaurant in Paris, Mo.

A Hannibal man faces four felony charges related to drugs and an alleged assault on law enforcement officers following a confrontation in the parking lot of a Subway restaurant in Paris on Tuesday.

Todd Haynes, 36, was charged Tuesday night with second-degree assault and resisting arrest and to counts related to marijuana possession by Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Talley Kendrick. Officers said they used a taser while arresting Haynes.

Kendrick also charged a woman who was with him, Laura Courtney Declue, 38, of Hannibal, with two felony counts related to marijuana possession.

Officers said that Haynes attempted to flee officers when confronted for an outstanding parole warrant after an investigator with the East Central Drug Task Force spotted hist pickup truck.

Investigators say that when he was confronted, Haynes said his name was “Larry.”

However, the investigator said that while he interviewed Declue inside in the Subway, she allegedly identified Haynes.

Meanwhile, officers said that Haynes allegedly began fighting a Monroe County deputy, who answered a call to assist. Haynes, he said, had started the pickup truck and was attempting to flee.

“I went to assist by grabbing Haynes’ left foot, attempting to remove him from the vehicle and prevent him from getting the vehicle in reverse,” the investigator wrote in a probable cause statement. “Haynes would pull his foot from me and attempt to press the brake and put the truck in reverse while Deputy Nichols and I were trying to remove him from the vehicle.”

The report said that Nichols used his department-issues taser to subdue Haynes.

Haynes allegedly refused to allow a search of the truck, however, a K-9 dog alerted officers to the possibility of drugs on the vehicle. Drug paraphernalia was discovered in the truck, along with 23 grams of methamphetamine.

“Items found in the truck included: a black bag with a large bag of a crystal substance, two small baggies with a crystal substance in the center console of the vehicle. A blue bag was located between the passenger seat and the center console and inside was a glass smoking pipe, block digital scale, small clear empty baggies like the one found with the crystal substance,” the report said.

Officers said they were alerted to a pink purse that had been allegedly left by Declue, who at that point was under arrest. The report says that the bag contained pipes, a small baggie with a “crystal substance,” a syringe and a black digital scale.

“In a post-Miranda interview, Declue stated that her and Haynes went to a house in Mexico where the methamphetamine was purchased from an unknown make who resides at an apartment building,” the report said. “Declue stated that she placed the pink purse by the trash can when police arrived.”

Haynes is being held in the Department of Corrections. He faces an arraignment hearing on Tuesday at 9 a.m. before Associate Judge Michael Wilson in Monroe County District Court. Declue faces an arraignment at the same time.