Project is estimated to cost $1,400 for three outdoor movies in Monroe City’s South Park

A cloudless sky and gentle breeze combined to create the perfect setting for “Movies in the Park” on Saturday evening in Monroe City. An estimated 200 people attended the family-friendly event held in South Park.

“I thought it went very well. We started out with a small crowd but people just kept coming,” Chris Alcorn said of Saturday’s movie. Alcorn and Melissa Utterback are in charge of the function.

Alcorn said she talked to people who had never been to an outdoor movie before. They loved the experience and plan to attend the other movies. She said the movies are creating more response from the community than she and Utterback had expected and “it’s wonderful.”

For example, Alcorn noted the Hometown Volunteers came by and brought popcorn for everyone. The volunteers told Alcorn they thought having the outside movie was an awesome idea and they wanted to help in any way they could.

“We welcome anyone who wants to participate in the activity in any way,” Alcorn stressed. “It was great to see people sitting around visiting, children laughing and running around and participating in such a wholesome family event.”

The free event is akin to Drive-in theaters that provided a low-cost entertainment for families in their era. Movies in the Park give both old and young a chance to step back in time.

The project costs about $1,400 a year for three movies. The Monroe City Chamber of Commerce, private donations and fundraisers conducted by Alcorn and Utterback, provides funds for the movies. The city provides the movie projector and electrical hookup. The movies are shown on a large screen set up in the corner of the park. Philip and Bridgette Potterfield provided funds for the screen.

The second film of the summer will be “The Wizard of Oz” and will be shown on Saturday, July 7. The title of the third movie has not been selected at this time. It is scheduled to be shown on Saturday, Aug. 11.