To provide a smoother driving surface once a new asphalt surface is applied, a Hannibal Street Department worker was doing joint work Thursday on Fulton Ave.

Fulton Avenue, a major street on Hannibal’s South Side, was receiving a new coat of asphalt on Thursday.

Working ahead of the Bross Construction paving crew was Aaron Davis of the Hannibal Street Department. He was performing joint work near the intersection of Fulton and School Street, which he said would provide a smoother riding surface once the new asphalt is put down.

According to Mike McHargue of the Street Department the work on Fulton began Thursday. After reaching Terrace Avenue Thursday, Fulton would be completed Friday.

After Fulton is finished two other major South Side streets will be tackled.

“Monday they will start on the upper part of Walnut and do Union on the way out,” said McHargue.

Once the South Side work is done next week Bross personnel will begin paving south of Lindell Avenue.


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