The Mississippi River in Hannibal was continuing to creep upward Monday morning toward an anticipated crest of 19.9 feet Monday evening.

As the Mississippi River in Hannibal continued its slow rise on Monday morning, a steady stream of vehicles continued to drive over the riverfront cobblestones as their occupants checked out how high the river had risen. While most drivers steered clear of the muddy water, one driver of a pickup truck felt obliged to make a splash by driving into the edge of the water.

Capt. Steve Terry of the Mark Twain Riverboat expressed a desire to see the river level start to recede. Meanwhile a bus full of students from Keokuk waited to be allowed to board the boat for an excursion cruise.

Although boats at anchor in the marina were high and dry, access to the craft was another matter as both ramps to the docks were under water.

As of Monday the river was forecast to reach a crest of 19.9 feet Monday evening. After holding at that level for two days the river is expected to begin its retreat.

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