Cars dating from early Model A Fords to 2018 models attracted big crowds to Hannibal’s North Main Street and nearby side streets for the 23rd Annual Loafers Car Show on Saturday, May 12.

Cars dating from early Model A Fords to 2018 models attracted big crowds to Hannibal’s North Main Street and nearby side streets for the 23rd Annual Loafers Car Show on Saturday, May 12.

The show had 328 participants, according to Sue Downing of the Loafer’s Car Club.

The Best of Show winner was Karmy Schone of Chapin, Ill., with his ‘57 Chevrolet 150 sedan. He also won first place in street machine, ‘49-’60.

Ian and Mary Taylor from Kingsbury, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, easily won the longest distance traveled award. They traveled 2,600 U.S. miles and 4,000 air miles to Taylor, Neb., to get married on May 1 and drove to Hannibal in a 2018 Dodge Challenger with a Just Married sign.

Some owners attracted attention by revving the engines on cars with no mufflers. One was Dan Mahurin’s orange glow 1969 Nova Super Sport, with a 426 stroker. “It had mufflers, but I decided that was too quiet,” he said. Now his car is illegal on the road, so he trailers it to shows from his home in Kirksville. This was his Hannibal show debut.

Steven and Janet Rath of O’Fallon brought their 1956 Pontiac, Series 860, Custom “Surfin Safari.” They rebuilt it on the frame of a four-door car, and it has a five-piece bumper on front. Attending their first Hannibal show, he said, “We just like to visit.”

One local car was entered in the unfinished class. This was a 1963 Chevy Nova II 406 small block, owned by Brant Dooley of Hannibal. It is black with red scallops, but he plans to paint it gray and purple, according to his dad. He explained Brant takes it to Havanna, Ill., and drag races. The car has a roll cage and five-point harness to hold him in the seat. He bought a kit, his dad said.

Among the oldest cars was a 1931 Ford Model A roadster was labeled “Pribbles,” owned by Bob and Mary Ann Pribble of Quincy, Ill. It appears to be new and is painted in shades of green.

Additional antiques included a 1934 Ford owned by Mickey Benson of O’Fallon, a three-window coupe; and a ‘31 Chevy Cabriolet owned by Gary Heim of Middletown.

Dennis Pestka of Elsberry brought his 1965 Datsun L320 electric pickup truck, which had a sign on the glass engine cover, warning: “Danger, high voltage.”

The show had several 1957 Chevys, including a Bel Air owned by Carmen Rose of Macomb, Ill.

Mustangs were plentiful, also Camaros, such as Ed Gibbons of Hannibal’s green and maroon ‘68 Camaro.


The first-place car show winners were:

Street rods, all classes:

Layne Walter, Macon; Thomas Owens, Troy; Don and Cathy Hansen, Perry; Madison and Joe Akers, Eolia; Dave Hill, Quincy, Ill.; Ferren Sanders, New London

Street machine, all classes:

Karmy Schone, Chapin, Ill.; Eugene Hallouer, Shawnee, Kan.; Donald and Carol Gierer, Villa Ridge

Modified truck, all classes:

Mike Burris, Riverton, Ill.; Jimmy Orr, Jacksonville, Ill.

Stock truck:

Jerry Roark, Troy

Mustang, all classes:

Ron Boren, Pittsfield, Ill.; Ted and Jan Albin, Centralia

Corvette, all classes:

Robert Rauscher, Kansas City; Ditmar Walker, Sprignfield, Ill.

Antique/Classic, all classes:

Bob and Mary Ann Pribble, Quincy, Ill.; Wayne Houseman, Union; Ricky Cannan, Macon; Bill Brown, Hannibal; Kathy McGuire, Waterloo, Ill.; Rick Byfield, Edgarton, Kan.; Marcey Grant, Springfield, Ill.

All non -Mustang/Corvette:

Dru Wofford, Taylorville, Ill.

Custom or lead sled:

Sue Fritzsche, Litchfield, Ill.

Unfinished, all

Les Robertson, Hannibal

All 2011 and up - stock

Ron and Pam Scattergood, Chatham, Ill.

All 2011 and up - Modified:

Scott Farr, La Grange

Rat rod:

Ron Zulpo, St. Peters

All imports, including tuners:

Tommy Rogers, Decatur, Ill.

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