James VonVain accused of selling fatal dose to Shane McLaughlin in November 2015

An alleged drug dealer who sold the fatal dose to a Northeast Missouri man has been indicted by a federal grand jury for causing his death.

On April 11, a federal grand jury in the Eastern Missouri District indicted James M. VonVain, Jr., 46, for distributing heroin in Pike County.

VonVain’s buyer, Del Shane McLaughlin, died of an overdose following the Nov. 12, 2015, sale.

Details of the sale and McLaughlin’s death are sealed in court documents. VonVain was arrested in mid-April.

VonVain made his initial appearance before United States Magistrate Judge David Noce on April 25. At the time of the indictment VonVain was incarcerated in the Missouri Department of Corrections for possession of controlled substance. He has pleaded not guilty and waived his right to a detention hearing. He remains in custody.

Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte commended the county’s deputies for pushing this case forward.