HHS River City Revue members receive multiple accolades during season

When the members of Hannibal High School’s River City Revue discovered the accolades they received during their recent competition in Quincy, their elation was visible for all to see.

“It was so fun to see them,” vocal music director Kate Fuller said. “They were dancing on the stage and just having so much fun with each other.”

Fuller said the diverse group of students grew close as they danced, sang and forged close friendships during each practice. She commended the Booster Club for their donation of large mirrors that helped everyone see how interactions along with their own dance moves, posture and facial expressions. With a large number of incoming freshmen joining upperclassmen, all of the members meshed like a big family — working closely with Fuller, vocal music director Sara Kurz, accompanist Cheryl Ruhr, music combo director Mike Fuller and choreographer Anne Chapman.

Throughout the season, River City Revue members’ closeness and hard work paid off with multiple awards at Rock Bridge High School and Battle High School in Columbia, Music in Motion in Keokuk, Iowa, and their successful showing in Quincy last weekend.

“The bond the team has is really strong,” sophomore Shelby Pritchett said.

Freshman Allison Conboy pointed out that everyone worked together with dedication.

“I feel like it’s a great accomplishment, knowing we have a lot of seniors and a lot of freshmen — showing that we could work hard,” she said. “Our hard work paid off.”

River City Revue’s Grand Championship win in Quincy was the first such award in “a really long time,” and the results reflected the hard work each student delivered — from the beginning of day and evening practices in August right up to the start of competition season in January. At their final competition of the season, River City Revue took home a slew of awards — they received recognition for Best in Class, Outstanding Missouri Show Choir, first place in the Artistry Division, the Gold Award for vocals, the Outstanding Show Choir Sweepstakes Award and the Outstanding Music Program Sweepstakes Award for the jazz band’s and show choir’s performances — along with a Grand Championship that the group hadn’t received for several seasons.

Senior Isabella Conley described this year’s group as “really special.”

“That was probably the highlight of the season for me, to see the joy on their faces and to be so proud of themselves. They deserved every bit of recognition they received at Quincy — it was a great way to end the season,” Fuller said.

For each member of the River City Revue, the memories and friendships will last the rest of their lives. Sophomore Kyleigh Gibbs recalled how members from each grade performed “so much better” as they rehearsed. Now that competitions have concluded for the season, everyone in the group is busy preparing for the Sugar Rush fundraiser performance. Junior Chloe Mitchell said the event is a unique opportunity to perform locally.

“With Sugar Rush, it’s a great way for all of our family and friends to come, because not all of our competitions are close to home,” she said. “This is a time for everybody to come to the high school to come watch us... and it’s a great fundraiser for us, and we all get to spend time together for our last hurrah with our show.”

Senior Keaton Bartz said his final year marked a bittersweet moment, looking back on seven years with his teachers and noting he would miss participating in competitions and experiencing the camaraderie.

“I think it’s all about the family aspect in it — you spend most of your time with this group of kids — and you’re always together 24-7, so that definitely helps bring us all together.”

Senior Mya See shared her optimism about the younger members who would carry on the tradition when the senior members depart.

“I feel they’ll continue this awesome music program once we’re gone,” she said.

Sugar Rush will begin at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 15 in the Hannibal High School Auditorium. Dessert will be served in the cafeteria following the concert. Tickets will be available for $10 each, with sales beginning Monday, April 2 in the high school office. For more information, please call 573-221-2733.

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