Oral Expression contest showcases public speaking skills

Hannibal Middle School hosted the Finals of the Mahan Oral Expression Competition on Tuesday, March 14. All of the 7th and 8th grade students in the school were welcome to compete in the competition, and the finals consisted of the top nine speakers in the competition.

The winners were Kendel Locke (1st), Aaris Stolte (2nd), Cheyenne Smith (3rd), and Linnea Brown (4th). 

“The students did a phenomenal job of delivering their argumentative speeches. The event showed the students' talents. The future is certainly bright for these students,” said Brett Niemann, head of the Mahan committee at HMS. For 12-14 year-old students, it was very impressive to see them with such strong presences, speeches, and abilities on stage.”

Judges of the event had nothing but good things to say about the speakers and the event.

Finalists, along with their speech topics, were:

• Dawson Behl: Should Colleges Use Admission Essays Rather Than SAT or ACT Scores?

• Alyssa Hart: Unborn Lives Matter

• Aaris Stolte: The Importance of Physical Education

• Alondra Martin: Pollution: Our Major Enemy

• Breahnna Parsons: Love Is Love- Gender Doesn’t Matter

• Linnea Brown: Hard Work Matters Most

• Cheyenne Smith: To Smoke Is No Joke

• Kendel Locke: The Dark Side of Social Media

• Katie Locke: Human Lives Are Worth More than to Be Trafficked