A water line to a building on the eastern end of Bird Street was being replaced Monday morning by the Hannibal Board of Public Works.

At first glance Monday morning it appeared that work might be occurring Monday morning on Hannibal’s downtown flood wall. However, such was not the case. Instead a Board of Public Works (BPW) crew was busy digging in the eastern most part of Bird Street.

While not uncommon to be found stopping water leaks, that was not the problem which brought the BPW personnel to Bird Street.

“We are excavating a water valve on the fire line to 111 Bird that will not shut off,” said Gene Majors, water department supervisor. “Several attempts were made by operating it to create a seal had failed so we are replacing it.”

According to Heath Hall, the BPW’s director of operations, it was anticipated the project would be completed in a day.


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