Personnel with the Hannibal Board of Public Works undertook the repair of a leaking water line this week on Broadway.

The Hannibal Board of Public Works (HBPW) was called in this week to repair a water leak on the service feeding The Crossing Church on Broadway.

“When we dug down to repair the leak we discovered it was an old leaking lead service line, so we replaced it,” said Heath Hall of the HBPW. “The replacement process is kind of interesting. We dug a hole on both sides of Broadway. The hole on the north side is where the city 8-inch main is located, and the hole on the south side of Broadway is where The Crossing’s meter pit is located. We were able to pull the old lead service line out and pull in new copper in the same trench. This saves digging all the way across the street. In that case, the street repairs would have been expensive, and the process would have been more disruptive to traffic.”


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