Eugene Field Elementary School students share 7 leadership habits with visitors

Visitors to Eugene Field Elementary School discovered how students exemplified FranklinCovey’s “7 habits of Happy Kids” during Leadership Day on Friday, March 2.

As a FranklinCovey “Leader in Me” and Lighthouse School, Eugene Field Elementary School’s halls and classrooms were filled with student-created skits, activities and inspirational songs dedicated to the seven habits, plus one — “be proactive; begin with the end in mind; put first things first; think win-win; seek first to understand, then to be understood; synergize, sharpen the saw and find your voice.” The students wrote and performed a skit featuring three astronauts and seven aliens, offering a light-hearted look at how to be a leader and a friend. Students led tours of visitors throughout the school, demonstrating how each child took on responsibilities through the habits they practiced daily.

In Emily Doss’ fifth grade class, Jaiden Higgins drew a picture and wrote comments about how the seven habits applied to “Heroes in Times of Need” in her textbook. She shared her work with Frank Di Tillo, who intently watched as she made connections through the leadership habits. Higgins said the project made her feel happy to see how the skills she used each day applied to disaster relief following Hurricane Katrina.

In Brandee Smashey’s Kindergarten class, students prepared posters and organized a presentation for their visitors. Each group of students held up a poster and discussed how they employed the habits daily — in school and at home.

Mahayleigh Watkins said she was proactive by practicing the performance at home and each day in class. She said it felt good to share the habits along with her fellow classmates. Sylis Liendo said he felt the same way, “finding his voice” through his drawings.

“All the habits make you a nice person,” he said.

After the classroom tours, students shared after-school clubs with their guests — explaining how they use their leadership habits in clubs and organizations like Stage Crew, Coding Club, Student Council, Knitting Club and the Green and Clean Team. The Pirate Pride Singers took the stage to perform two songs, reminding everyone in the song “Shooting Star” to “shine no matter where you are.”

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