Seven county officials have now taken the training

If a disaster were to occur in Marion County it would now be better prepared to react after five more county officials completed and passed Monday, Feb. 12, the National Incident Management System (NIMS) training and testing.

“They had a good training (session) and testing,” said Presiding Commissioner Lyndon Bode, who along with John Hark, the county's emergency management director, had passed the NIMS training years ago. “We now have five more that are certified in the county, which is good.

“Now if something does happen, which we hope doesn't, but if there is a major, full-scale disaster there's a lot of us trained in the command chain.”

Participating in the approximately four-hour training session were Larry Welch, Eastern District commissioner, Steve Begley, Western District commissioner, Valerie Dornberger, county clerk, Teya Stice, capital coordinator, and Stice's administrative assistant,Ruth Ann Wright.

“We were needing to get a few more from the county certified as being part of the program,” said Bode, pointing out that having at least one NIMS certified person helps a county or city to qualify for federal emergency funds.

In addition to the NIMS training and testing, the county commission also approved a resolution of support for NIMS.

“Through us agreeing to that we joined the ranks of a standard procedure that exists throughout the country. It goes from the federal level all the way down to counties and cities,” said Bode. “It's a standard procedure that all agencies should follow. That way if they have to work between agencies they will know the system.

“We've been working with that (standard procedure) for quite a few years, but we hadn't passed a resolution stating that's what we were doing. Now we're in compliance there.”


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