2 ballot issues would add 1/4-cent to existing capitol improvements tax, establish new 1/4-cent transportation sales tax.

Palmyra City Council members gathered on Tuesday, Jan. 30 to discuss ways to share information with the public about two sales tax issues set to appear on the April ballot.

Mayor Loren Graham said the meeting would help ensure everyone was “on the same page” in regards to sharing information about the separate sales tax proposals. Council member Ken Sheputis said the Flower City's existing 1/4-cent capitol improvement sales tax would be amended to a new 1/2-cent sales tax if the first ballot issue was approved. A separate 1/4-cent transportation sales tax would also be brought before voters. Graham said the overall sales tax level would be unchanged from the past several years, when the now-defunct Highway 36/I-72 sales tax was in place.

“There was a half-cent that was being used for infrastructure, and we're just taking that money and we're going to spend it in our town,” council member Nathan Miller said.

Miller echoed his colleagues' assertions that storm water improvements were a top priority for the City. Graham estimated that if both ballot issues passed, the additional 1/2-cent of sales tax revenue would generate about $200,000 each year.

Sheputis announced that City officials will host two town hall meetings from 6 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 27 and Tuesday, Feb. 27, in the Sesquicentennial Building.

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