The process of tearing down two condemned houses that stand side by side on Ely Street in Hannibal was beginning on Monday.

School was in session Monday morning on Ely Street where Dan Ersery, a newer member of the Hannibal Street Department, was gaining experience in house demolition under the direction of Darren Armour.

Making the job more of a challenge for Ersery was the fact two houses slated to be razed stood close to each other.

“Our boss, Mike McHargue, asked us to take one (house) down (at a time) and pretend the next house is a good house, so we don’t want to bump it,” said Armour. “This is a teaching tool, so if something does bump it there will be no harm. We just want to try to avoid it if we can. Those houses are pretty close together and there is a possibility of one connecting with the other.”

The demo work should take most of the week.

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