Daniel Liebhart, administrator of Holliday School, said the Chromebooks will help students achieve more in the classroom.

Holliday C-2 School, one of the smallest school districts in Missouri, has embarked on a campaign to provide students with state-of-the art technology.

Last week, the school took a major step toward its goal with a $3,400 donation from TPNB Bank to purchase Chromebooks for classrooms.

Courtney Jones, vice president of TPNB, said the bank’s donation was part of a commitment to education.

“Holliday School reached out to the Bank regarding the need for the Chromebooks, as their laptops were older and students sharing laptops because so many were no longer working,” she said. “The Bank strives to help local schools provide the best education possible for students and these devices enable Holliday to do so. We were excited to help.”

Daniel Liebhart, administrator of Holliday School, said the Chromebooks will help students achieve more in the classroom.

“The Chromebooks have so many advantages and our students will benefit greatly from using them in the classroom on a regular basis,” said Liebhart. “A large percentage of our students do not have internet at home, so they wouldn’t have a use to own a laptop or Chromebook at home. Laptops can cost $800 each while a Chromebooks are under $200, this savings allows each student in grades fifth-through-eighth grades to have access to a Chromebook.”

Liebhart said that technology has at the top of discussions about upgrades for the school. Upgrades to date include classroom projectors, teacher desktop computers and the Chromebooks. The issue for the small district in making the upgrades has been money, so the school started a fund-raising campaign.

To date the donations received have been: the $3,400 from Paris National Bank; $250 from Holliday Christian Church; $1,000 Xi Beta Xi Sorority; $500 from Forrest Chevrolet-Centralia; and $200 from the Paris Lions Club. The teachers also held an annual Fall Harvest Dinner, a free-will donation spaghetti dinner, which raised $600. The school also purchased two Chromebooks through donations at donorschoose.org.

“From everyone from Holliday C-2 School, we cannot express our appreciation in words how much these donations mean for our district, Liebhart said.

“By using this type of technology in the classroom, studies have shown that students are more engaged and less distracted. Chromebooks provide easy access to classwork from multiple devices and it also allows teachers to monitor work and provide feedback directly on the document. We will continue to have textbooks; however, students will start to see paper assignments transition into digital assignments. Online assignments will not only allow teachers to give feedback during the time our students are working, but they will be able to see how they did on the assignment as soon as they submit, this providing immediate feedback. Chromebooks will also cut down on missing assignments, documents are saved and will not get lost in transition between classes or between school and home.”