Solar farms would likely require permits

As solar energy continues to grow in popularity, it has been determined that Marion County will not deter that growth by requiring people wishing to put solar panels on their roof to secure a permit. The question was posed to the county commissioners during their Jan. 22 meeting at the courthouse in Palmyra.

Teya Stice, capital coordinator, made the inquiry, noting that mounting solar panels on roofs is happening more and more frequently in Iowa. Some of the energy is fed back onto the power grid.

“I'm glad they are doing it,” said Eastern District Commissioner Larry Welch, regarding those in Marion County who are trying to harness solar power.

While Steve Begley, Western District commissioner, agreed that those putting solar panels on rooftops should not need a permit, he added that a permit would be required to construct a solar farm in the county.

In other business:

• County Coroner Richard Jones' request for space for the storage of a few boxes of records was presented to the commission by Stice. The commissioners proposed checking the amount of space that is available at the Juvenile Justice Center in Hannibal.

Presiding Commissioner Lyndon Bode says a portion of the building is already being used for storage by offices based in the courthouse in Hannibal.

• The $1,200 bid of the Palmyra Spectator was accepted to make 2,300 copies of the county's financial statement.


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