With 2017 nearly in the rear-view mirror, we take a look back at some of the most memorable stories of the year for the Hannibal area.

It’s a topic that comes up countless times per year: why aren’t Hannibal’s roads in better condition? In 2017, a project years in the making (and years overdue, depending on who you ask) began to repave dozens of Hannibal’s streets.

In June, the first street to be repaved was finished in short order. Rock St., a steep east-west residential street, went from being a bumpy slow-go to a smooth-as-silk drive. Plenty of other streets received the same attention, from Fourth St. to Chestnut, Kingshighway to Arch.

Fifty-five percent of the city’s 117 miles of streets were either in need of an asphalt overlay or a complete reconstruction. While some of the those streets were reconstructed in 2017, the progress will continue into 2018 and the years to come, with Chester Bross completing the work for the city.