With 2017 nearly in the rear-view mirror, we take a look back at some of the most memorable stories of the year for the Hannibal area.

While the departure of two significant manufacturers was a blow to many in the community, two major employers announced in 2017 that they were reinvesting in the Hannibal community.

General Mills, Hannibal’s largest employer, announced in June it was expanding the Hannibal plant to add another soup line, an investment of more than $65 million. As reported on June 22, the company will receive a 50 percent abatement on real property taxes on new improvements for 10 years plus a personal property tax abatement of 50 percent on new equipment only for a decade.

Meanwhile in western Hannibal, movement at Hannibal Regional caught the attention of some. At the end of August, the health system announced a $61 million project that would add a new building and major improvements to the hospital and medical group buildings. Ground was broken for the new building on a blustery October day.