Talley Kendrick, elected as aDemocrat, to run as a Republican

Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Talley Kendrick announced Monday that she is running for re-election, and also that she is switching to run as a Republican after being elected as a Democrat.

“I have always believed that to ethically and dutifully perform the duties of Prosecuting Attorney, it matters very little which party I belong to. My duty to justice and service surpasses any political affiliation and that will not change,” Kendrick said in a statement. “I have, however, made the decision to run in the 2018 election on the Republican ticket. This decision is consistent with my firm belief in the rule of law, my respect for those who enforce it, and the commitment I have to keeping Monroe County a safe place to live, work and raise families. I would like to thank the people who have met with me in the months leading up to this decision and have offered me counsel and support throughout.”

Kendrick said that a key issue for her in making the change is the Republican Party’s approach to law enforcement.

She said that she contacted many Democratic Party elected officials and volunteers prior to today’s announcement.

Linden Vanlandingham, a Democratic committeeman, was one of several Democratic Party volunteers who Kendrick called to discuss her decision on Monday.

“We are sorry to hear it, but I think Talley believes at this point, it would be best her career,” he said. “We like Talley’s values.”

Kendrick’s announcement took some area Democrats, whom she was unable to contact prior the announcement, off guard.

“I wasn’t aware,” said Jane Acres of Holliday, president of the Democratic Club of Monroe County. “I have no comment now because I am just too taken aback. I have to think about this a bit.”

Said Paris Attorney Floyd Lawson who served as the longtime chairman of the Democratic Party in Monroe County: “First, let me say, I am a Democrat. I have not talked with her, but I would imagine that she is looking at political reality now in the county.”

Monroe County Associate Commissioner Ron Staggs is currently the only Republican serving in a county office.