Visit the MCR-1 Education Foundation website:

Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 8, Monroe City R-1 Foundation went “live” with online ticket sales. You can now purchase your weekly raffle tickets online, The Foundation believes this to be an excellent way to further increase weekly ticket sales especially for those outside the Monroe City area wanting to support this worthwhile program for present and future classes.

The process is simple. Visit the MCR-1 Education Foundation website:

From there, you will see a shop at the bottom left to purchase tickets. Tickets can be purchased for a minimum of $11 (12 tickets), which includes a $1 service fee. Then, you need to fill out the number form on the bottom right of the website.

You may choose the same number for all 12 tickets or choose different numbers for each ticket. Foundation members will fill out the tickets prior to the Tuesday evening drawing.

The site will shut down each Monday at Noon and go “live” again each Wednesday at 8 a.m. Good luck to all who will support this new venue of participation.

Speaking of participation, Superintendent Tracy Bottoms won the Nov. 7 weekly drawing with ticket #13 which turned out to be the King of Diamonds.

This is the second time Bottoms has won the weekly $100 drawing. The Jackpot for the November 14 drawing will be $10,004. It’s time to get in the game and buy your tickets.