Louisiana High School Yearbooks are now online

Posted: Sep. 29, 2017 4:15 pm

Throwback Thursdays, Wayback Wednesdays, Flashback Fridays – social media shows we love to look back at old pictures. Now you can revisit your high school days (Homecoming floats, prom, teachers, plays, sports and more) with family and friends. 

The Louisiana, Mo., Alumni & Friends Association recently completed a lengthy project of having all Louisiana High School yearbooks, known as ALAMOs, scanned and put on the internet for all to see. Every ALAMO from 1946 through 2015 is available for viewing at the Alumni Association’s website at The first known ALAMO from 1924 is even available to view.

The scanning project was started by Clay Logan (LHS '66) in 2010. Last year, Mike Pratt (LHS '70) learned about Oklahoma Correctional Industries (OCI), an agency established 30 years ago by the Oklahoma legislature to convert their paper records to digital format. He understood OCI began scanning Oklahoma high school yearbooks to preserve their historical value. Later they extended this free service, which provides job training for low-risk incarcerated offenders, to high schools in other states.

After checking OCI’s references and getting agreement from the Association’s planning committee to move forward, Pratt began trying to locate ALAMOs from all the years which had not already been manually scanned. He learned that Irene Steers had willed her vast collection of ALAMOs to her grandson, Darrell McElfresh (LHS '71). McElfresh agreed to loan the needed ALAMOs to the Alumni Association to be scanned.  Becky Wood Henderson (LHS '88), the LHS yearbook advisor, agreed to loan out the 2011-2015 ALAMOs for scanning.

The Louisiana Alumni & Friends Association board members are pleased to have made this possible and thank all who played a part in it. They hope many LHS alumni and families and friends take the opportunity to flip through history.   

Should you have other photographs or clippings which you believe would be of interest in helping preserve the history of LHS, contact Mike Pratt at 314-609-9821 (cell) or via email at


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