2 Besties Biscuits organizes t-shirt drive to benefit displaced pets through Hurricane Harvey Paw Rescue drive

2 Besties Biscuits is raising funds to rescue animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. All of the proceeds from each $10 t-shirt will go toward Austin, Texas-based rescue shelter Austin Pets Alive.
Posted: Sep. 5, 2017 12:58 pm

One t-shirt at a time, two best friends are working to rescue animals caught in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey through their Paw Rescue drive.

Angela Brown and Paula Brown, owner of 2 Besties Biscuits in Hannibal, are selling their homemade biscuits locally and special "Love"-themed t-shirts online to donate all of the proceeds to Austin Texas-based rescue shelter Austin Pets Alive. Angela Brown noted that the shelter expects to rescue more than 1000 pets with in the next couple weeks.

2 Besties Biscuits launched their campaign Monday, Aug. 28, and it runs through Monday, Sept. 11. Brown said assisting Austin Pets Alive's efforts is so important following the damage left behind by the hurricane.

"What they are doing is phenomenal. We just want to help as much as possible," Brown said. "While some of these animals were left chained or abandoned, some of them have humans that will come back for them when they are capable."

Brown said she was excited that Sunrise Transport LLC will help cover the cost for the $10 t-shirts, allowing all of the sales proceeds to go to Austin Pets Alive. The campaign goal is to sell 200 shirts, which would raise $2,000 along with the 20 percent contribution from biscuit sales for the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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