'OPERATION: Feed the Furballs' collects 4,832 meals for dogs at NEMO Humane Society

Posted: May. 12, 2017 12:22 pm

Local businesses and generous customers joined together for a community project that made a profound difference for dogs at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society — with 4,832 meals coming to the shelter in May.

2 Besties Biscuits started with two best friends who love dogs and pledged to donate 20 percent of the proceeds from each box of their homemade dog biscuits to the Northeast Missouri Humane Society. From February through April, several local businesses helped Angela Brown and Paula Brown with "OPERATION: Feed the Furballs." Four dogs received a meal with the proceeds from each pink box of biscuits sold during the operation. Initially, the two friends were ready to deliver boxes to local businesses every two weeks — they soon discovered they would need to bake many more biscuits to meet the the steady demand.

Angela Brown said they received a flood of Facebook messages beginning the first week, and the two friends delivered boxes each week to businesses selling the pink boxes. Kenna Bogue, Mark Twain Dinette Manager, said she learned about the program through Instagram and wanted to support the cause.

Bogue said she adopted her dog from the Northeast Missouri Humane Society, and she sees regular customers each week who purchase Maid-Rites for themselves and for their dogs. She said she was "shocked" by the amount of boxes of biscuits that were sold. She said she is looking forward to Tuesday, June 20, when the NEMO Humane Society will receive 15 to 20 percent of the restaurant's sales from 5 to 9 p.m.

"We love doing any of these kinds of things for the community," Bogue said.

When all the box sales were tallied, Brown said the two best friends went through the math multiple times to be sure that the number of meals was correct. They worked with Humane Society staff to be sure each dog received the right type of food — puppies needed canned food and other dogs needed bags of food without dyes.

As load after load of food was placed in the shelter's storage area, everyone involved could see the difference the donations made for the dogs. The two best friends behind 2 Besties Biscuits are eager for future endeavors, including selling "Twain Treats" at several local businesses and debuting a new recipe with locally-sourced honey, produce and herbs at the Hannibal Central Park Farmers Market. They are also giving all the proceeds to the Northeast Missouri Humane Society from new t-shirts bearing the description "I fed seven dogs with this shirt."

Angela Brown and Paula Brown wished to to thank the participating businesses that made the operation so successful: Hannibal Chiropractic & Wellness, Ole Planters Restaurant, Java Jive, Chocolatier Stam, Jason Utterback — American Family Insurance, Scissors and B&B Haircare, YOU·nique Art, Mark Twain Dinette, Dempsey & Dempsey Law Firm and Finns Food & Spirits.

"I just want people to know that they did this," Brown said. "It's such a big deal, it really is. It's a big deal that a community has come together to give selflessly. And I think that, along with feeding the dogs, was both mine and Paula's favorite part of this whole thing."

For more information about the dog of the month from the Humane Society or what's next for 2 Besties Biscuits, please visit or connect through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.


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