Hannibal Free Public Library holds annual tea

Cindy Haun shows off her retirement bouquet at the annual Hannibal Free Public Library Tea.
Posted: Apr. 24, 2017 10:04 am

Hannibal Free Public Library celebrated the 115th anniversary of the grand opening of the John H. Garth Memorial Library building.  This building is the Beaux Arts part of the Hannibal Free Public Library, located at 200 South Fifth Street in Hannibal.  Helen K. Garth and her daughter, Annie Garth Goodlett, donated funds not only to build the structure but also endowed a trust to see to its upkeep.  The building remains a beautiful and functional landmark in Hannibal today and for the future.  In celebration, the Library held its Annual Tea on Saturday, April 22.

Hallie Yundt Silver, the Library Director, expressed appreciation to the City's property taxpayers for funding the Library's program of operations. She expressed gratitude to the City for the additional appropriation that helps to keep the Library operational.  And, she acknowledged the volunteer contribution that members of the Library Board make.  Current members of the Library Board include:  Kim Ahrens (President of the Library Board), Tom Prater (Vice-President), Sara North (Secretary), Amber Baxter (Treasurer), David Clayton, Frank DiTillo, J'Nelle Lee, Casey Welch, and Lauren Youse. Donors of memorial books and donors to the Library's endowment trust fund were also acknowledged. 

The program proceeded with expressions of thanks to the many organizations and businesses who helped the Library in 2016 and 2017.  The efforts of the Friends of the Hannibal Free Public Library were praised.  Recognition was given to collaborative efforts between the Library and HeadStart, City 

Departments, Willow Street Christian Church's Caring Hands Tutoring Program, Parents As Teachers, FACT, the Hannibal Courier Post, the Hannibal Public School District and area parochial schools.

The program continued with acknowledgement of the Library's volunteers.  The following individuals were mentioned by name:  Nancy Caswell, Melody Christal, Barb Eddy, Jack Gardner, Harriet and Norm Grubb, Vivie Harris, Carol Harvey, Damon Shane Jaeger, Mary Lou Montgomery, Doris Nichols, Marena Niehoff, Hannah Powell, LaVerne See, Jana Suchland.  

The audience was reminded of special events that are upcoming.  These events are also free and open to the public.  The next Chess Tournament will be offered on Saturday, May 6, in the afternoon, and is intended for chess players of all skills and ages. Summer Reading kicks off in Central Park on Wednesday, May 24, in the afternoon, and people of all ages are invited to participate.  The Teddy 

Bear Sleep Over is on Tuesday evening, June 13.  Summer Reading concludes with the Children's and Teen Finale at the Library on Wednesday, July 26 and with the Adult Finale, an Old Tyme Game Night on Monday, July 31. Adult Trivia Night will be offered on Friday evening, Sept. 8. 

The Library Tea program concluded by honoring staff members. Cindy Haun was the guest of honor. She is retiring after almost 17 years of service at Hannibal Free Public Library. 

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