Public presentation to display storm water proposal to Palmyra residents

Palmyra City Council member Nathan Miller, left, discusses a point about the job description for a new municipal court clerk with fellow council member Josh Smith, second from right, during their meeting Thursday, April 20. Joining in the discussion were, from left: Mayor Loren Graham, council member Andrew Salsman and council member Pam Behring.
Posted: Apr. 21, 2017 11:30 am

Engineering studies and plans for storm water improvements would soon be on display for residents of the Flower City to review, and city officials prepared to seek a new municipal court clerk during their meeting Thursday, April 20.

Engineering firm Klingner and Associates focused on 12 areas in Palmyra for improving storm water management, and drawings and maps featuring their proposals will be on display during a presentation open to the public from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 3, at the Sesquicentennial Building. Residents can ask questions and examine various solutions to storm water flow issues during the evening, said Mayor Loren Graham. City officials also examined and fine tuned the job description for a new municipal court clerk as they prepared to advertise for applicants for the position.

Council member Nathan Miller discussed a portion of the job description that pertained to other duties a clerk may perform. The new position will be separate from the police department, as set forth by a Supreme Court decision. Miller said he felt the description of extra duties for the 30-hour per week employee could be improperly interpreted. City Attorney Chase Hickman changed the language to clarify that the clerk would "assist clerks in city hall as needed." The process will now begin with two weeks of print advertisements and in-house announcements seeking applicants for the position.

Graham said the May 3 storm water project presentation would offer citizens a chance to view several different displays from Klingner and Associates. Miller noted that people help determine if there are any areas that the proposal missed.

In other business:

  • Council member Josh Smith reported the Personnel Committee looked at ways to boost their next score from insurance provider MIRMA, including a discussion with Safety Officer/Building Inspector Tim Barnes about regular safety meetings.

  • Graham asked council members if anyone wished to join a different committee, and everyone agreed to remain on their present committees. The Palmyra Chamber of Commerce announced during their board meeting that they set aside $10,000 for the city's bicentennial celebration in 2019.


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