Addiction treatment facility opens in rural Pike County

The Aviary Recovery Center is set on a rural, 100-acre tract of land north of Eolia, Mo.
Posted: Apr. 19, 2017 11:53 am

Citing a need for addiction treatment resources in Missouri, a Tennessee-based company has opened a 43-bed residential treatment facility in rural Pike County.

The Aviary Recovery Center began accepting clients on Monday, April 17, according to Summit BHC President Karen Prince.

Set on a secluded, 100-acre piece of property north of Eolia abutting U.S. Highway 61, the facility provides residential addiction treatment service for adults. Prince said Summit acquired the property nine months to a year ago and has since worked to retrofit existing buildings. Previously, the property served as a privately-owned nature and wildlife retreat.

Summit operates other facilities across the country, including in California, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

The Aviary is Summit’s first facility in Missouri.

"Based on our research, analysis and assessment, we clearly identified what I would label to be the greater St. Louis market as well as the state of Missouri as a whole as being under-bedded from a substance abuse perspective," Prince said.

Clients at the facility may go through a detoxification program before entering a 3- to 4-week residential program.

Prince noted, however, that some clients may not go through detoxification either because they have previously gone through that process or because the nature of the disease doesn’t necessitate detoxification.

Prince said the residential treatment program, run by Masters- and Doctoral-level professionals, is individualized to the client.

Resources available to support a recovery process include:

•Psycho-educational group sessions

•Individual and group therapy

•Family therapy

•Health and wellness groups

•Therapeutic recreation activities

•Alcohol and drug educational groups

•Relapse prevention planning

Prince especially noted the family program.

"It’s critical in that the disease of addiction is specific to the individual that is suffering from it. Having said that, there’s collateral damage across the board when you have an individual in the family system that is suffering from the disease of addiction," she said. "We feel that it is incumbent on us to not only provide care to the individual but simultaneously providing support and education to the family members of that individual so that they are educated on the disease and on how they can support their loved ones."

Following a residential program, a client works with the staff to create an after-care plan, which may include an outpatient center located in Fenton, Mo. The opening outpatient center was announced at the same time as The Aviary.

Prince said it will be important for the new recovery center to work with local agencies as a tool to help fight addiction in easter Missouri and beyond.

"We see ourselves as a resource to the community," she said.

Trey Carter, CEO and Founder of Summit, praised the opening of the Pike County facility.

"The opening of The Aviary is very exciting for Summit as we look to bring high quality addiction treatment services to the State of Missouri. As a company and leadership team we are passionate about providing quality care to the people we serve," he said in a press release. "The Aviary is our tenth residential treatment facility. We couldn’t be more proud to launch a new program in Missouri."

The Aviary is licensed by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and will be obtaining accreditation through The Joint Commission.


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